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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
Professionals in online auctions for the food and beverage industry

503: Day 1: Online auction machinery and inventory due to closing production location CookUp Solutions / Tavola in Capellen (LU)

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    Closing date
  • 503-77: Leon Torfs BVBA

    Leon Torfs BVBA elevating belt, s/s frame, plastic mesh belt with dividers, serial number: 167B0005, year of construction: 2011, b...
    18 bids
    Lot is closed
  • 503-80: Leon Torfs BVBA

    Leon Torfs BVBA de-elevating belt with 90 ° curve, number: 167B0002, year of construction: 2011, s/s frame, plastic mesh belt, bel...
    17 bids
    Lot is closed
  • 503-150: Bilwinco A/S

    Bilwinco A/S mobile elevating belt, machine type: TILF01, serial number: 701, s/s frame, plastic belt with dividers, belt width: 3...
    43 bids
    Lot is closed
  • 503-173: NN de-elevating belt

    De-elevating belt for spiral freezer, s/s frame, plastic and rubber belt, belt width: 250 mm, de-elevating from 4050 mm to 900 mm,...
    28 bids
    Lot is closed