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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
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To be able to place a bid you need to be a registered user. You can register by clicking on the “register” button on top of the website at the right side.

Fill in the fields carefully and accept the terms and conditions. After your registration you will receive a validation mail on your specified email address, so make sure you enter the correct email address. Note: it is possible that this mail ends up in your junk mail box. If you click on the link in the validation email, you go to the website of Industrial Auctions. Now you are validated. A employee of Industrial Auctions will check your contact details. When all fields are filled in correctly we will accept your registration. If not we will contact you to fill in the missing details.

Log in
Log in with your user name and password.

Forgot your username or password?
On the login page you can request a new password.
Forgot your username? Please contact an employee of Industrial Auctions.

Auction data
When you are on the homepage click on the relevant auction and you go to the page with the auction data. On the auction page you will see all the specific details of the auction such as the address, dates and times of the viewing day(s), end date of the auction and the pick-up information.

Sort lots
By default, the lots are sort by category. However, there is also the ability to sort lots by number. Click on "show on lot number."

Lot details
The lot page shows you all information from a lot you are interested in. On this page you’ll find the lot description, closing data an time, current bid, next accepted bid, buyer’s premium and VAT percentage. The lots are described as comprehensive as possible. If you still have questions please contact us.

Track your lots
If you are interested in a lot you can track this lot. Click at the right side of the lot page on “track this lot”. This lot will be added in your overview “track your lots”. You’ll find the track your lots button at the top of the website. In this overview you’ll also find Lots you have bid on and where you are the highest bidder and Lots you have bid on, but you are not the highest bidder.

Search lots
On top of the website you’ll find a search field. Enter your search term and the system will show all the results.

Bidding process

Place a bid
Fill in the amount of your bid. The amount needs to be filled in without full stops, comma's or decimals. Confirm by selecting “preview your bid”. Now you see a preview of your bid including all costs as buyer’s premium and VAT. Now you can either confirm or cancel your bid. Confirm your bid by selecting “place your bid”. Please note: when someone placed a higher proxy bid your bid is accepted but you are not the highest bidder and you’ll not win the auction.

If you placed the highest bid you will receive an email with a confirmation of your bid.

Static and proxy bid
There are two kinds of bids. With a static bid your bid is a fixed amount per lot. With a proxy bid you indicate the maximum price that you are willing to pay for the lot. The auction system will automatically increase your bid if you are outbid by a third party. This process continues automatically until your maximum bid is reached. If another bidder places a static bid equal to the maximum of your earlier placed automatic bid, the automatic bid comes first (an automatic bid beats the static bid). It is not possible to cancel a bid, not with a static or a proxy bid.

Extended with 5 minutes
If someone places a bid in the last 5 minutes before the lots closes, the closing time will be extended with 5 minutes until no more bids are placed.

A combination is a collection of a number of lots that are offered in the auction. You can only place a bid on a combination when all the separate lots belonging to the combination are closed. The starting bid of a combination is determined by the sum of the highest bids of the individual closed lots. If there are bids for a combination, the lots are allocated to the highest bidder for the combination, not to the highest bidders for the individual lots because they have been outbid by a combination bidder.

If there are no bids on a combination all individual bids are applicable.

You will automatically receive an email for:

  1. each bid you place (bid confirmation) Please note: if you place a bid and someone else has placed a higher proxy bid, you are not the highest bidder and you will not receive email.
  2. each bid which is placed in your proxy bid.
  3. every outbid on a lot you placed a bid on.
  4. every outbid on a combination which your lot is part of.


Payment and collecting your lots
After closure of the last lot, we close the auction. After closure of the auction you will receive an automatically generated email with a pro forma invoice including VAT. You can also find your pro forma invoices on our website on the page “settings” "invoices”. We do our best to send the email including the pro forma invoice directly after the auction, but it’s also possible that you receive it one day after the auction. If you are a foreign customer (not based in the country where the auction takes place) and you entered your VAT number by your registration, you don’t have to pay VAT. You need to fill in an export declaration.

When you received the pro forma invoice you have a maximum of 72 hours to transfer the money to the account of Industrial Auctions.

After receipt of payment you, or a transport company, need to collect the goods at the date, time and place specified by Industrial Auctions. You can find this information on the page with auction data on our website and on the pro forma invoice. Industrial Auctions will always try to help to collect and load your bought goods.